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Manufacturer #0206-5-PL

Effectively removes grease, oil, tar, etc to increase operating efficiency of equipment. Evaporates quickly, leaves no residue and has no flash or fire point. An excellent alternative to 1,1,1-based cleaners. Use caution on plastics.  

Manufacturer #03095


Manufacturer #1045-5-PL

Heavy degreasing with power, safety and sustainability for all your industrial needs. Neutral pH with no bleaching, fading or damage that occurs. Safe for any water-safe surface. Attacks grease not you!  

Manufacturer #146-12Q

Contains HydroSolv 2000™ technology, a fast acting powerful solubilizing agent that dissolves and suspends any soil, allowing it to be wiped or rinsed away completely. Concentrated: 1 gallon makes 5-30 gallons of RTU product. A high performance degreaser formulated to remove grease, oil, carbon, or any other industrial soils from concrete, machinery, engines, etc. Cleans faster, easier, and more economically. Non-butyl formulation.  

Manufacturer #MIS-1

A highly concentrated natural citrus solvent cleaner, degreaser, deodorant, de-scaler, and de-clogger. The most unique and versatile product ever developed. Contains no petroleum distillates or chlorinated solvents. May be on sinks, toilets, fiberglass, machinery, tools, grills, ceramic tiles, concrete, graffiti, dumpsters, grease traps, all metals, and much more. It rapidly penetrates and dissolves the toughest deposits of grease, grime, dirt, tar, inks, paint, adhesives, and oil residues. It may be used as is or diluted for light duty cleaning. This citrus solvent is water-rinsable and meets the requirements of all Federal and State VOC regulations.  

Manufacturer #OSO-1
Chemicals : Industrial : Industrial Specialty

Suitable for cleaning sensitive electronics and electrical equipment. Evaporates quickly, leaves no residue and is safe to use on all plastics. Use where lower flashpoint cleaners are acceptable. NSF K2 registered.  

Manufacturer #02130

Removes baked on fiber gaskets, gasket adhesives and sealants. Dissolves and aids removal of paints, lacquers, adhesives, and varnish. Contains no methylene chloride. NSF Registered.  

Manufacturer #03017

A single component anaerobic threadlocking adhesive, which is thixotropic and develops medium strength. Plastic safe.  

Manufacturer #04505

A single component anaerobic threadlocking adhesive, which is thixotropic and develops medium to high strength. Plastic safe.  

Manufacturer #04510
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