We know Carey offers great wipers, but what other products and services does Carey Wiper & Supply provide to help support my business?

We carry thousands of industrial supply items, facility supplies, washroom supplies, soaps, janitorial & maintenance supplies, safety & shipping supplies, packaging, absorbents and much more. Call to set up a meeting with your account representative or login to our easy-to-use online catalog to browse over 10,000 items available through Carey.



Does Carey rent shop towels, and are there any “hidden” fees?

No, we don’t rent out towels– but we do carry a full line of Disposable Cloth and Paper Wipers that you own! That means there are no hidden fees or contract charges, and no surprises. Our general purpose wipes are clean, safe, absorbent, and cost your company a lot less than rental towels. We separate wipers into dozens of different grades, so you’ll always get the right wiper for the job! Call our supply experts to learn more about how Carey can help your business. We can even provide samples beforehand, so you’ll know exactly what you’re buying before you commit to a lengthy contract.



Can I set up an open account? How do I do it?

Yes– what’s more, Carey Wiper & Supply makes the process quick and painless so you can get up and running today! Click here to visit the Customer Resources section of this site and fill out our Customer Profile Form and Credit Application to get started. We can also ship product C.O.D., and accept all major credit cards.



Does Carey have a minimum order?

While there is no “minimum” order size, there is a “small order” charge of $10 for orders under $75. Before your place that small order, we advise you to reach out to our dedicated sales team, who will be able to access to your purchase history. Who knows? They might just catch that “must have” item you’re running low on and forgot to order, saving you two “small order” charges!



How soon will my order ship? When will I get it?

Most orders entered into our system by 10:00AM EST will ship for next-day local delivery, while deliveries outside of New England will still ship that same day, but may take longer to arrive at their destination. We help make sure that’s always the case by keeping a huge inventory of popular stock items, which helps us avoid back orders and keep your business running smoothly. Still, we understand that things happen, and if you have an emergency, we and and will work with you to rush your order– or even arrange to pick up at our Connecticut warehouse.



What’s the best way to get price quote on the items I need?

Call us or email in a list of the items you’re looking for, and we will return a quote within 24 hours. If you’d like, you can send in your most recent PO from your existing vendor and we can work from that. Our customer service team and your dedicated account representative are also available to help you find alternative items that might benefit your team, and provide pricing upon request.

Call us at (800) 759-4737, or Email us for more. Can’t find the answer to your question? Use our contact form, below, to let us know what you’re looking for, and one of our industry experts will get in touch with the answer as soon as possible!

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